ABout Us

Our story began with our grandfather on a small rural farm just outside of Roselle, Iowa in 1921, with a passion for farming that burned bright like a flame. He devoted himself to tending the fields and raising livestock, knowing that the fruits of his labor would provide for ages to come, and he left a legacy that still lives on today.
At Oak Creek Meats, we are proud to be a part of that legacy and continue that tradition. Every animal we raise represents the dedication and commitment that have been passed down through the generations, and we are grateful to be a part of this treasured heritage.
When we consider the values that have been handed down over time, we appreciate how fortunate we are to have inherited that devotion and hard work ethic… Our story, rooted in the fields and barns, fuels our dedication to provide high-quality meat products. We honor the legacy that shaped us by keeping the flame alive.  oak-creek-flame

Giving Back

We Love Giving Discounts to Our War Veterans and Local Community.