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Locally Sourced

We take great care in ensuring that our pigs are healthy and happy.

Our goal is to change the way consumers buy their meat by providing a service of wholesale mail order drop shipments right to their door. Shipping is included in our price, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees or additional delivery charges.

Why Buy From Us?

Reliable Supply

With worldwide uncertainties around every corner, much like the last pandemic, we want our customers to know that they no longer have to worry about grocery store quality and availability. We always maintain a steady supply on hand.

American Values

We take pride in embodying American values, improving farming practices and providing quality meat products. Choosing our Farm-to-Flame meat options supports American innovation and progress.


Choose Oak Creek Meats to support local farmers and businesses, the backbone of America’s economy. Our high-quality meat embodies the values that make America thrive: Dedication, ingenuity, and sustainability.

Test of Time

The story of Oak Creek Meats is rooted in the legacy of our Grandfather whose story started on a small rural farm just outside of Roselle, Iowa in 1921. He knew that hard work and dedication were the keys to success, and he poured his heart and soul into tending to the fields and raising livestock. He knew that the fruits of his labor would provide for generations to come, and he left a legacy that still lives on today.

Giving Back

We Love Giving Discounts to Our War Veterans and Local Community

We’re happy to offer a 10% military discount to those who served our country. We also offer a 20% discount to local customers who place orders for pickup.

Frequently Asked Questions

You shop and place your deposit for our bundles that we raise on our Iowa local farm. We reserve your meat and finish raising it for you. We take it to our local USDA certified butcher. Once ready, (usually takes 2-8 weeks depending on flow) we send an email invoice to collect the final payment. We deliver USDA inspected, flash frozen, vacuum packaged, meat directly to your doorstep. You enjoy the comforts of knowing you have a locally sourced high quality supply of meat ready for the grill and smoker!

All of our orders are shipped frozen with dry ice or ice packs in insulated boxes depending on location and order and should arrive frozen or slightly thawed. Contact us at info@oakcreekmeats with any concerns about the arrival of your order

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