Auburn, IA

Farm-to-Flame Pork Shares

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Local farm

At Oak Creek Meats, we’re proud of our local community in and around Auburn, IA. We’re passionate about providing our customers and community with high-quality, sustainably raised, and locally sourced pork products right here in our small community.

When you choose to buy pork locally through Oak Creek Meats, you’re not just getting premium, locally-sourced products; you’re actively contributing to our community. We’re thrilled to announce we offer a large local discount, where we give back 20% to all our valued local clients on every purchase of our delicious pork. Your support means the world to us, and in return, we’re committed to giving back to you. Additionally, we offer the convenience of tailored local pickup options. You can either schedule a time for pick up or choose the hassle-free shipping option.

Our story, rooted in the fields and barns, fuels our dedication to provide high-quality pork products. We honor the legacy that shaped us by keeping the flame alive.  oak-creek-flame

Why Buy From Us?

Reliable Supply

With worldwide uncertainties around every corner, much like the last pandemic, we want our customers to know that they no longer have to worry about grocery store quality and availability. We always maintain a steady supply on hand.

American Values

We take pride in embodying American values, improving farming practices and providing quality pork products. Choosing our Farm-to-Flame pork options supports American innovation and progress.


Choose Oak Creek Meats to support local farmers and businesses, the backbone of America’s economy. Our high-quality pork embodies the values that make America thrive: Dedication, ingenuity, and sustainability.

Test of Time

The story of Oak Creek Meats is rooted in the legacy of our Grandfather whose story started on a small rural farm just outside of Roselle, Iowa in 1921. He knew that hard work and dedication were the keys to success, and he poured his heart and soul into tending to the fields and raising livestock. He knew that the fruits of his labor would provide for generations to come, and he left a legacy that still lives on today.

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